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While Cancers are known for their sensitive and compassionate nature, they also tend to have an artistic side to them. Cancer is ruled by the moon—which oversees all things related to emotions, intuition, instincts, and sense of safety. These energies tend to promote bond-building with relatives, heartwarming romance , time spent close to home , and the ability to find humor in everyday life. That said, Cancer season can light up your desire to express yourself creatively and romantically.

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Be sure to read your rising sign , too! Your home and dearest relationships are bound to be your main focus while the sun moves through your fourth house of family life. See your full Aries horoscope for While the sun moves through your third house of communication, your creative energy and social calendar will positively blow up.

Try to prioritize on the activities that will strengthen your bonds, Taurus. Just one passionate conversation could inspire a winning project or partnership. See your full Taurus horoscope for See your full Gemini horoscope for While the sun moves through your sign and first house of self, a burst of energy and confidence has you feeling optimistic, joyful, and alive.

This could fuel your drive to pursue professional goals, nurture a relationship, test-run a new fitness plan, get a makeover, express yourself creatively, or all of the above. You deserve it all. See your full Cancer horoscope for See your full Leo horoscope for Think: networking opportunities with colleagues, weekend getaways with friends, parties, volunteering events, and group dates galore.

Focusing on how you fit into these various groups and how you can boost your personal sense of community has you feeling simultaneously supported and contributing to the greater good.


Your November 12222 Monthly Horoscope

You might feel like switching things around in your daily schedule without even really having a goal in mind—go for it! You just have to experiment and do what feels right. While the energy may be hugely creative, it can only be so if you stay grounded and present in reality—try not to get lost in conspiracy theories, drugs and alcohol, or any cultish groups.

The first bit of December is rocky, but things ease up later on: A lovely energy flows in your relationships as sweet Venus connects with Saturn on December 16—this is a fantastic time to talk about commitments.

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Mars connects with Pluto on December 17, creating a passionate energy in your relationships—amazing changes will be made! The directionless feeling you had around the new moon will start to wear off, too.

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Breakthroughs in your career arrive on December 20, when the sun connects with Uranus, and a whimsical energy arrives on December 21, when Venus connects with Neptune. Mercury meets lucky Jupiter on December 21, bringing some fantastic news your way, and the winter solstice also arrives, with the sun entering Capricorn and illuminating the relationship sector of your chart! Capricorn season is all about partnership for you, Cancer, and with the full moon in your sign on December 22, you'll find yourself sorting through deep and powerful emotions concerning your relationships.

A climax around an emotionally-charged issue will take place. You have a tough shell, dear crab, but you have grown out of the old one. Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in the new year!

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